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PhD in USA

PhD in USA – A Guide for 2020/21

A PhD in USA takes 5-6 years, costs between $12-45k per year and has a different structure to UK and EU PhDs. Find out if a US PhD is for you!

Research Assistant

What is a Research Assistant?

Research assistants are employed by research institutes to assist with academic or private research. Find out all you need to know about the role.

Professional Doctorate Degrees - real world Doctoral Degrees

What are Professional Doctorates?

Professional doctorates are advanced postgraduate degrees that combine taught components with independent research in a student's area of expertise. Find out what they involve.

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Helena Bates

Helena is a final year PhD student at the Natural History Museum in London and the...


Kai Arulkumaran

Kai is a PhD student at Imperial College London. His research centres around sample efficiency, transfer...

Dr Sherran Clarence

Dr Clarence gained her PhD in Higher Education Studies from Rhodes University, South Africa in 2013....

Daniel Hernandez Profile

Daniel Hernandez

Daniel is a third year PhD student at the University of York. His research is based...


Dr Joe Manning

Dr Manning gained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2019. He...

Chris Sampson Profile

Chris Sampson

Chris is making minor corrections to his PhD thesis post-viva at the University of Nottingham. His...

Dr Omotayo Ilesanmi

Dr Ilesanmi has a PhD in Applied Biochemistry from the Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo...

Frances Boreham

Frances recently completed her PhD at the University of Bristol. Her research investigated the causes and...

Dr Malika Grayson

Dr Grayson gained her PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University in 2016. She now works...

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