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Nick Ballou

Nick is a first year PhD student at Queen Mary University of London. The long-term goal...

Debby Cotton_Profile

Prof Debby Cotton

Prof Cotton gained her DPhil in the school of education at Oxford University. She is now...

Prof Carolyn Mair

Prof Carolyn Mair

Prof Mair gained her PhD in cognitive neuroscience from Bournemouth University in 2004. She is now...

DiscoverPhDs_Student Profiles_Alex

Alex Fitzpatrick

Alex is a PhD student at the University of Bradford researching ritual and funerary rites in...


Julia Ravey

Julia's in her final year of her PhD at University College London. Her research is helping...

Nidhi Menon

Nidhi is a PhD student at Virginia Tech, focused on developing an engineered platform to study...

Carina Nicu Profile Picture

Carina Nicu

Carina is a PhD student at The University of Manchester who has just defended her viva....

Ellie Hurer Profile

Ellie Hurer

Ellie is a final year PhD student at the University of Hertfordshire, investigating a protein which...

profile picture - Amit Kumar Singh

Dr Amit Kumar Singh

Dr Singh earned his PhD in Nanotechnology from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT Guwahati), India...

Dr Ipsa Jain

Dr Jain gained her PhD in Molecular Oncology from the Indian Institute of Science. She is...

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