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PhD Entry Requirements

Guide to PhD Entry Requirements

Although undertaking a PhD can be an exciting challenge, understanding the numerous entry requirements is an important first step. These prerequisites ensure that prospective PhD students like yourself are well-prepared for the academic challenges that await. The entry requirements for STEM disciplines can differ significantly, depending on the specific program,...

NERC PhD Funding

Guide to NERC PhD Funding

Key Takeaways NERC’s Role and Impact: The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) is a leading UK research council funding body, operating under UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), which aims to advance knowledge in environmental sciences. Funding Specifics: NERC offers two primary funding schemes (responsive and directed) and supports around 350...

EPSRC PhD Funding

Guide to EPSRC PhD Funding

If you’re a prospective PhD student seeking funding for your research, then look no further than the EPSRC. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, or EPSRC, is one of the UK’s leading funding agencies for doctoral studies in engineering and physical sciences. By providing financial support and resources, they...

BBSRC PhD Funding

Guide to BBSRC PhD Funding

Introduction to BBSRC PhD funding Step into the world of BBSRC PhD funding, a key component of the UK research ecosystem that propels the advancement of knowledge. To stay competitive, the United Kingdom invests significantly in research council funding. BBSRC, short for Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, is one...

PhD Student and Postdoc Experiences

Read our exclusive interviews with past and current PhD students to find out what it’s like to do a PhD.

Sam Rose Profile Picture

Sam Rose

Sam is a new PhD student at Teesside University. Her research is focussed on better understanding...


Amy Tucker

Amy recently entered her third and final year of her PhD at the University of Strathclyde....


Gareth Raynes

Gareth is getting ready for his PhD viva at Aberystwyth University and has been researching bacteria...


Dr Joe Manning

Dr Manning gained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2019. He...

Pei Qin (Sabrina) Ng

Sabrina's in the third year of her PhD at The University of Adelaide. Her esearch combines...

Rowan Hooper Profile

Dr Rowan Hooper

Dr Hooper gained his PhD in evolutionary biology from the the University of Sheffield. He is...

Islam Khan

Islam is in the final year of his Physics PhD program at Washington State University in...

Debby Cotton_Profile

Prof Debby Cotton

Prof Cotton gained her DPhil in the school of education at Oxford University. She is now...

Bethany Cliffe Profile

Bethany Cliffe

Bethany is a 1st year PhD student at the University of Bath, researching the adaptation of...

Eleni Routoula Profile

Eleni Routoula

Eleni is nearing the end of her PhD at the University of Sheffield on understanding Peroxidase...

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