[Infographic] – Time Management Tips for PhD Students

The importance of time management needs no introduction. For a PhD student, how you prioritise your time will be imperative to your success. Not only has poor time management skills caused resulted in some previous students failing their PhD programmes, but even for those that were successful, it will have a large influence on the overall ‘enjoyability’ of your degree. To help you manage your time better, we’ve summarised our top 6 tips we think all PhD students should adopt.

To summarise: identify your most important tasks and break these into daily tasks. To help keep yourself motivated, learn how to remove distractions and make use of well-timed breaks. To keep your sanity, accept that you need to be realistic with your expectations and learn how to protect your time by saying ‘no’ to unimportant requests.

To learn how to put these ideas into practice, we recommend you read the below infographic.

Time Management Tips for PhD Students - Infographic

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