Dynamic Response of Impact-Loaded Crushable Auxetic Metamaterials

  • Self Funded
  • London, England
  • Posted 1 year ago
  • Deadline: Open all year round

Project Description

Auxetic metamaterials possess an artificially designed microstructure allowing them to offer some unique features not readily observed in natural materials. Auxetic materials are known to have negative Poisson’s ratio which renders them suitable for impact resistance barriers as material is jammed underneath the point of impact providing higher resistance. This is, in essence, a passive control system increasing local impact resistance of impact-resistant shields. Through smart lay-up design one can combine multiple layers of auxetic materials to form a metamaterial with a beneficial contact force reduction mechanism to achieve maximum energy absorption and impact protection in the event of high-velocity impact. The aim of the project is thus a detailed study of several cases to propose an optimum arrangement.

Funding Information

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