Effect of Bed Roughness on The Spreading and Dilution of Gravity Currents

University of Bradford

Faculty of Engineering and Informatics

Project Description

Gravity current is frequently encountered in natural (e.g. saltwater intrusion in estuary) and men-made environment (e.g. mining solution; desalination). The motion and dilution of gravity current is very important to the environment and ecology of the receiving water bodies. For example, produced water from mining solution is hypersaline which could harm fauna and flora of ambient water bodies. Therefore, rapid dilution is of importance for minimizing such adverse effect. Boundary condition plays an important role on the dilution process of the gravity current. This project is therefore to investigate the effect of the bottom bed roughness on the motion, mixing and dilution of the gravity currents by using laboratory experiments or/and numerical modelling simulation.

Funding Information

This is a self funded project, there is no funding attached to it.