EngD Studentship: CRaToS 3D (Carbon Rapid Tape Shear 3D)

Project Description

Company background: iCOMAT aim to provide our customers with an end to end solution to enable them to carry out advanced manufacturing of carbon fibre parts. iCOMAT is developing hardware and software to enable the commercialisation of its Rapid Tape Shearing (RTS) fibre steering technology to provide fast, reliable, and repeatable 2D and 3D tape laying capability. iCOMAT is a company of 8 people and currently is in a research phase developing carbon fibre tape laying technology. Working on many IUK and customer specific projects to produce its 2D RTS head ready for sale in 2021.

Project outline: This is a key project and, therefore, role within iCOMAT. The project involves working on many different aspects of engineering from design, manufacture and process and covers mechanical, electrical and software disciplines. The project leader will be working with a multiskilled team and subcontractors to achieve all the deliverables set out. This project will be an excellent introduction into industrial automation and control for a process that will be part of driving forward high-tech industries such as aerospace, space, automotive and green energy.

Project Description: Design, Development and Implementation of 3D Rapid Tape Shear Equipment, Software and Process

Project Stages:

  • Design of the 3D head based on the existing 2D head
  • Building a prototype 3DRTS head using rapid prototyping tools
  • Software Programming of the prototype head
  • Software Integration of the prototype head onto an ABB robot
  • Functional testing of the 3DRTS head
  • Process DOE testing
  • Demonstrator part design and manufacturing

Project Deliverables:

  • Functioning prototype 3D RTS head
  • Demonstrator part manufactured
  • 3DRTS part design software beta version

Funding Information

Stipend: £21,500 p.a.

Standard EPSRC studentship eligibility criteria apply – more information.

Eligibility Requirements


Applicants with ‘home student’ status and holding or about to graduate with a First or 2:1 degree in structural or chemical engineering, materials science or physical sciences.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying please send your CV, covering letter and academic transcripts to [email protected]

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