Flow and heat transfer in catalysed Gasoline Particulate Filters

Coventry University

Centre for Fluids and Complex Systems

Project Description

We are looking for a candidate with deep knowledge and appreciation of fluid dynamics and heat transfer for a PhD position at Coventry University.

In view of the global air pollution concerns, efficient removal of particulate matter emissions from vehicle exhaust has never been more important. The established particulate filter technology used on most diesel engines, however, cannot be easily transferred to gasoline cars because of the different operating regimes and filter geometry. Catalyst-coated filters have a great potential to combine particle removal with neutralising other toxic engine emissions, at the cost of increased pressure losses affecting engine efficiency.

The aim of this project is to use experimental and modelling techniques to better understand exhaust gas flow and heat transfer in gasoline particulate filters, and to consequently develop an efficient, experimentally validated modelling framework that can be used for optimisation of filter geometry and catalyst coating.

As this is a collaborative project with Johnson Matthey (JM), an international leader in sustainable technologies, the student will benefit from access to JM facilities and expertise.

Location: Coventry University (Coventry) with residential visits to Johnson Matthey (Reading)

Funding Information

Funding (Bursary & tuition fees) are available for UK and EU students.

Eligibility Requirements

The successful candidate will have a degree in Fluid Dynamics related subject and good analytical skills. Experience with experimental measurement techniques, coding (in particular Matlab) and computational fluid dynamics are desirable.

Application Process

Please send enquiries to Dr Svetlana Aleksandrova ([email protected])

To apply for this PhD, please email csy092@coventry.ac.uk.

Before sending your email, please double check you have followed all guidelines in this listing and have included a reference number if asked to do so.