Opportunity in Assessment of Aluminium Alloys Anodised with Tartaric Sulphuric Acid

University of Surrey

Centre for Doctoral Training in MiNMaT

Project Description

AWE currently uses chromic acid anodising for passivating aluminium alloys to provide corrosion protection in a range of applications. Chromic acid anodising, however, gives rise to waste hexavalent chromium which is restricted under the European Union’s REACH Regulations. Alternative anodising treatments are therefore required.

This novel research programme is an evidence-based approach to develop anodised coatings that are fit for purpose in terms of key material properties, e.g. corrosion resistance, mechanical robustness, electrical breakdown voltage, coating adherence, and radiation hardness. The morphology and microstructure of the anodised layer will be analysed with various electron microscopy methods. Other techniques will be used to study the composition and surface chemistry of the coatings. The performance of the coatings will be assessed as a function of processing parameters, i.e. time, temperature, pH, and voltage. This experimental data will enable the coating performance to be related to the anodised layer’s microstructure and composition.

The candidate will spend a lot of time with the sponsor who are based at Aldermaston.

This is a 3.5 year project, commencing in October 2020.

Funding Information

University fees will be fully funded with a stipend of approx. £15,000 a year for UK/EU citizens.

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must have a:

  • Physical Sciences degree with a First Class or Upper Second minimum.
  • Masters at merit or distinction.

UK or EU students only. Please note we are not funded for international students.

IELTS Level: 6.5 or above.

Additionally the nature of this work relates to UK security so applicants are considered at the sponsor’s discretion.

Application Process

First steps are to submit an expression of interest (EOI) to the Centre Manager, Noelle Hartley [email protected].

References will be requested from you post interview stage.

This studentship falls in the remit of the Centre for Doctoral Training in MiNMaT – see webpages for Centre information surrey.ac.uk/minmat

Application enquiries should be addressed to the Centre Manager, Noelle Hartley [email protected].

To apply for this PhD, please email n.hartley@surrey.ac.uk.

Before sending your email, please double check you have followed all guidelines in this listing and have included a reference number if asked to do so.