PhD in Mechanical Engineering – Modelling of the 5th generation of district heating and cooling networks

University of Glasgow

College of Science and Engineering

Project Description

This project will develop the novel concepts of 5th generation district heating networks in Scotland, which utilises multiple low carbon heating sources, such as heat from waste water, river water, data centre, off-peak electricity. The project will focus on developing numerical models and tools for system simulations and optimisation. Power-to-heat concept, heat pumps, and thermal energy storage technologies will be introduced to utilise the off-peak wind power generation. The interactions between such heat network with the grid will be then investigated. The project outcomes would strongly support the Development of 5th Generation District Heating and Cooling (5GDHC) Infrastructure and Ambient Loop which will adopt various technologies for heating and cooling demands. The project will demonstrate how efficiency can be maximised to reduce energy losses.

Funding Information

Funding is available to cover tuition fees for UK/EU applicants for 3.5 years, as well as paying a stipend at the Research Council rate (estimated £15,285 for Session 2020-21).

Application Process

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Starting date: 01/02/2021 but can start earlier.

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