PhD Studentship in Lightweight Structural Design and Manufacturing

Imperial College London

Dyson School of Design Engineering

Project Description

Applications are invited for a PhD research studentship in the field of manufacturing and structural design for lightweight vehicles leading to the award of a PhD degree. The post will be supported by a bursary and fee provided by Imperial College London.

The research work will focus on the development of innovative technologies in metal/composite forming, joining, and structural design, in terms of providing disruptive solutions to vehicle lightweighting. Through the PhD research, you will integrate a fundamental scientific understanding of materials with manufacturing processes relating to materials processing, thus developing microstructural-controlled, cost-effective techniques; or, you will integrate advanced manufacturing techniques with structural design, combining physically based and data driven modelling with machining learning empowered optimisation, to fully explore the potential of structural performance. The research is funded by industrial partners and tackles industrial challenges.

Principal supervisor of the studentship: Dr Nan Li in the Dyson School of Design Engineering; cosupervisors will be academics in the Dyson School of Design Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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Funding Information

Bursary and fee provided by Imperial College London

Eligibility Requirements

You will be a self-motivated person who meets the academic requirements for enrolment for a PhD degree at Imperial College London. You should have received a 1st class honours / distinction and ranked in the top 10% of a BSc+MSc or MEng course in Mechanical/ Design/ Aero/ Materials Engineering or a closely related subject. You are expected to have an enquiring and rigorous approach to research, together with a strong intellect and disciplined work habits. Good communication, team-working, and management skills are also essential.

Application Process

For further details of the post, please contact Dr Nan Li ([email protected]). Interested applicants should send an up-to-date curriculum vitae to Dr Nan Li with GPA included. Suitable candidates will be invited to complete an electronic application form at Imperial College London in order for their qualifications to be processed by College Registry. Qualified candidates will be interviewed in due course.

To apply for this PhD, please email

Before sending your email, please double check you have followed all guidelines in this listing and have included a reference number if asked to do so.