Structural Behaviour of Reusable Steel/Concrete Composite Floor Systems

University of Bradford

Faculty of Engineering and Informatics

Project Description

This project aims to develop a numerical model to investigate the behaviour of reusable composite floor system to be used in steel/concrete composite structures. It is important that this method of construction is developed as a mainstream structural engineering solution, rather than limited to very special conditions, so as to maximise the benefits of design and construction of reusable structural components at the end of life.

The proposed reusable floor system is a totally different form of construction, with new modes of structural behaviour that have not been investigated before. A complete rethink of composite floor structural and fire engineering design is necessary to ensure safety of the proposed floor system. Extensive new physical tests at ambient and elevated temperatures have been tested to identify the different modes of behaviour and failure of the system, and by supplemented this with extensive numerical simulations, this project will develop thorough understanding of the structural performance of the new structural system to develop practical design rules for this innovative composite system.

Funding Information

This is a self funded project, no funding is attached to it.

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