Use of stainless steel I-sections and shear studs in steel-concrete composite structures

University of Bradford

Faculty of Engineering and Informatics

Project Description

The aim of this research project is to conduct a series of laboratory experiments (push-out tests and full member bending tests) on stainless steel-concrete composite specimens using stainless steel I-sections and shear studs in order to assess the performance of stainless steel.

The experiments will be conducted in the strong floor in the structural engineering laboratory of the University of Bradford. Comparisons will be drawn between the performance of stainless steel and carbon steel components. Different types of shear stud will also be compared – welded and bolted/demountable. The demountable shear studs offer further potential advantages with regard to ease of construction/dismantling and a potentially better performance under fatigue loading than welded studs.

Following the experiments, numerical models will be developed using finite element software in order to extend the results of the research and enable parametric studies. The results will eventually be used to develop guidelines for incorporation into Eurocode 4, promoting the exploitation of stainless steel to provide safer, cost-effective and lower maintenance steel-concrete composite structures.

Funding Information

This is a self-funded project.

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