PhD Advice

Considering a PhD or already doing one? Our in-depth guides explain everything you need to know about PhDs, from where to find one, to what they involve and how to secure funding.

Types of Doctorates

Learn about the different types of Doctorates available to you, including their eligibility, durations, fees and benefits. Find out which one would be most beneficial to you.

Finding a PhD

Discover the best places to search for your PhD, learn what you should be looking for and how to approach a potential supervisor for enquires.

Applying to a PhD

Find out what’s involved in each stage of the PhD application process, from writing a Research Proposal to attending an interview. We’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

Funding a PhD

Find out how you can fund your studies from a range of opportunities, including their monetary value, benefits and eligibility requirements.

Doing a PhD

Discover exactly what you’ll do as a Research Student, what outputs will be expected of you and how you can best approach them.

After a PhD

Learn about life after a PhD, from employability statistics to career prospects. Find out the skills you’ll gain, how to apply these to a range of professions and how to continue enhancing your profile as a researcher.

Subject Guides

Learn what it’s like to do a PhD in your field, from your daily activities, typical fees and duration, possible research topics, career paths and much more!

Student Interview Profiles

Gain valuable insight from our collection of exclusive interviews with both current and past PhD students. Learn from their best advice, personal challenges and career path after completing their doctorate.

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