Applying to a PhD

Find out what’s involved in each stage of the PhD application process, from writing a Research Proposal attending an interview. We’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

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PhD Application Process

The PhD Application Process

You’ve decided you want to apply for a PhD project. Find out how to start the application process, where do you apply, and which documents to prepare.

PhD Interview Questions

Common PhD Interview Questions

The PhD interview is a key milestone in your application. We share 11 commonly asked PhD interview questions and our suggestions on how to answer them.

Supporting Resources

How to apply to a foreign PhD

How To Apply For A PhD In Foreign Universities

So you’ve decided to enrol onto a doctoral degree and study abroad at the same time. But how do you actually go about securing a PhD as an international student? This guide explains how to apply for a PhD in foreign universities.

PhD Advice

Gain valuable insight from our collection of exclusive interviews with both current and past PhD students. Learn from their best advice, personal challenges and career path after completing their doctorate.

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Wondering what it’s like to do a PhD? And how you can develop your career after you gain your PhD? We’ve interviewed a variety of PhD students at different stages of their degree and PhD holders that have developed their careers and businesses in different directions, to help answer this for you.

View the profiles below to gain an insight into the life of PhD student – from their typical day to their biggest challenges and personal advice. Click here to read our interviews with PhD holders.