Algebraic Methods in Musical Composition

Project Description

Algebraic operations have been used as compositional tools for centuries. For example, the group theoretical operation of translation on the integers can be identified with the musical operation of transposition. This sort of operation, as well as other more complex operations, are implicit in the fugal form as well as other forms founded on repetition.

The aim of this project is to develop algebraic techniques for musical composition, to be played using modern musical software. Such software presents the possibility of great precision in performance, which means frequencies away from those that correspond to points on the stave can be utilised, as well as frequencies that correspond to points on the stave.

Of particular interest are compositions that are constructed via similarity, To give an example, in one approach we consider algebraic operations, like transposition, that map sounds to similar sounds. The sound resulting from the application of a sequence of such operations to a sound are concatenated to create a further sound. A sequence of operations is applied to this sound in turn, and the resulting sequence of sounds is concatenated. And so on. After a number of iterations we stop and our composition is complete.

Funding Information

This project is advertised in relation to the research areas of the discipline of mathematics. The successful applicant will be expected to provide the funding for Tuition fees, living expenses and maintenance. There is no funding attached to this project.

Application Process

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