DemoBECCS: The potential and demonstration feasibility of BECCS

Deadline: Open all year round

Project Description

Centre for Energy Resources Engineering (CERE) at DTU Chemistry is seeking a talented PhD student to contribute to this DemoBECCS project.

The project aims to tackle bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS), a CCS technology to achieve negative carbon emissions. The storage research in this project will focus on the challenges posed by the impurities from biogenic CO2 sources and the storage of biogenic CO2 in depleted oil reservoirs.

Funding Information

The project is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark through. The gross salary of a PhD at DTU is around 4000 EUR/month.

Application Process

The current application deadline is August 31, 2023. If a suitable candidate is not found in this round of announcement, we may extend the deadline or make another round of announcement. We will review the submitted applications and invite selected ones for an interview.


PhD positions in CO2 Storage Research – DTU Chemistry – DTU Career Site Careers (


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