Capturing vibration to drive chemical change

Project Description The development of efficient and stable catalysts for environmentally sustainable chemistry such as hydrogen production from water remains a challenge. Among the variety of approaches that are being investigated to produce chemicals with net-zero targets, piezocatalysis, is new and hot topic. Piezocatalysis captures vibration that can be used to drive a chemical reaction. […]

Study of the human-vehicle interactions by a high-end dynamic driving simulator

Project Description Vehicle electrification and autonomous driving require extensive testing for human-vehicle interfaces and human acceptance. The reduction of testing time and costs of ADAS and autonomous driving systems is of great importance for the automotive industry. Driving simulators are a viable solution for time to market and costs reduction. However, several issues related to […]

A next-generation genetic technology to identify biotechnologically-valuable enzymes and transporters

Project Description The Synthetic Physiology Laboratory at Flinders University (Adelaide, Australia) is advertising a full-time funded PhD project. The laboratory applies bioengineering/synthetic biology to understand and ultimately treat human disease. Further information about the Synthetic Physiology laboratory can be found on this website: and In this project the laboratory aims to develop a next-generation […]

Atomic Layer Deposition of Novel Nanolayer Materials for Solar Cells

Project Description Solar photovoltaics (PV) has emerged as THE breakthrough technology which will underpin the coming clean energy transition and allow us to address the epochal challenge of climate change. Solar PV is now expected to account for more global installed capacity than any other energy source by as early as the end of the […]

Coventry University Postgraduate Research Studentships

Join Coventry University, where our research focuses on delivering ‘excellence with impact.’ This means we go beyond simply enhancing academic knowledge; our work affects real change in the wider world. Coventry is a top-60 placed (Complete University Guide 2020) and top 15 (Guardian University Guide 2020), globally connected university. We have research collaborations across the […]

Ubiquitin-dependent signalling pathways in ageing

Project Description Unravelling the molecular and cellular mechanisms of ageing to improve human health across the whole lifespan is a central aim of biomedical research. Ageing is characterised by a general functional decline of cells with increased risk of disease. The major aim of our research is to identify the molecular mechanisms and signalling events […]

Discovery of solid state electrolytes using Deep Learning

Project Description This opportunity will remain open until filled and so early applications are encouraged. In the quest towards safer and higher capacity batteries to enable electrification and a net zero society, the development of an all-solid-state battery is a top priority, and is currently limited by the lack of a high-performance material to serve […]

Multi-node Entangled Networks with Integrated Solid-State Quantum Photonic Devices

Project Description Distributing entanglement across multiple remote atomic-based nodes will form the future quantum internet, enabling transformative and disruptive technologies across computing and communications. Quantum optical memories – devices that store and recall quantum photonic states on-demand – are devices that enable entanglement synchronisation across the network and are therefore of critical importance for large […]

Speciation in facultatively sexual species

Project Description Biologists have long been fascinated with the origin and maintenance of the diversity of life. What determines how new species are created and maintained? Speciation is the evolution of barriers to interbreeding between groups; it can start when certain populations within a group become adapted to different environments, but for speciation to complete, […]