Coventry University Postgraduate Research Studentships

Join Coventry University, where our research focuses on delivering ‘excellence with impact.’ This means we go beyond simply enhancing academic knowledge; our work affects real change in the wider world. Coventry is a top-60 placed (Complete University Guide 2020) and top 15 (Guardian University Guide 2020), globally connected university. We have research collaborations across the […]

Ubiquitin-dependent signalling pathways in ageing

Project Description Unravelling the molecular and cellular mechanisms of ageing to improve human health across the whole lifespan is a central aim of biomedical research. Ageing is characterised by a general functional decline of cells with increased risk of disease. The major aim of our research is to identify the molecular mechanisms and signalling events […]

Discovery of solid state electrolytes using Deep Learning

Project Description This opportunity will remain open until filled and so early applications are encouraged. In the quest towards safer and higher capacity batteries to enable electrification and a net zero society, the development of an all-solid-state battery is a top priority, and is currently limited by the lack of a high-performance material to serve […]

Speciation in facultatively sexual species

Project Description Biologists have long been fascinated with the origin and maintenance of the diversity of life. What determines how new species are created and maintained? Speciation is the evolution of barriers to interbreeding between groups; it can start when certain populations within a group become adapted to different environments, but for speciation to complete, […]

Physical Layer Algorithm Design in 6G Non-Terrestrial Communications

Project Description Applications are invited to apply for two full 3-year PhD Studentship in 6G especially on Non Terrestrial Communications (NTN). The role will include both theoretical and applied research in the well-equipped 6GIC/ICS at University of Surrey, UK. Future wireless communication networks are expected to provide a much more satisfying service to people by […]

Energy dissipation in human soft tissue during impacts

Project Description Full-time: 3 years Part-time: 6 years Start date: July 2022 When people get hit or hit things, including locomotion, the transient forces involved are normally high and produce mechanical shocks when compared to active muscularly directed human motion. As well as changes in surface shape and inertial properties of limbs this also leads […]

Exploring the impact of microplastic-bacterial complexes on animal health and the gut microbiome

Project Description Plastic pollution is a global issue and rapidly emerging as a crisis for both environmental and human health. Exposure to microplastics (MPs) impacts every level of the food chain with MP ingestion causing alteration of feeding activity, decreased food assimilation, stunted animal growth with negative impacts on fertility and reproduction. Perturbation of the […]

Computer Vision with Deep Learning for Human Data Modelling

Project Description This project focuses on deep learning algorithms to model human data such as human images/video, 3D skeletal motion, 3D body/facial surfaces for recognition, prediction and reconstruction. The Project: With the recent advancements in deep learning and machine learning frameworks using artificial neural network, computers have become smarter than ever in understanding images, video […]